Want To Develop A Lean Athletic Male Model Physique – And The Confidence & Lifestyle That Come With It?

Hey, my name is Mit Kazakov, certified fitness coach and professional model, and I help guys develop a lean athletic male model physique.

This website is NOT for you:

✘ if you want to develop a big bulky bodybuilder physique.

✘ if you like spending your whole day in the kitchen cooking and counting calories.

✘ if you like doing bodybuilding bro splits and hours of cardio.

✘ OR if you basically enjoy living like a hermit.

For the rest of you, I created ModelFit Lifestyle to show you just how EASY it is to develop a lean athletic male model physique – and soaring confidence – with what I call the RCC method: 3-4 resistance training sessions per week, carbohydrate cycling and cold showers.

Start off by taking the following FREE physique assessment to find out EXACTLY what the best training and nutrition is for you, your body type and your goals!